Monday, 8 November 2010

Mac os x vs windows

Now there are many of these comparisons on the internet, which usually end up with the windows side saying macs cost to much blah blah blah. But thats not what I'm dealing with, this is Mac os x vs Windows and with no messing about, heres why mac os x is better (even on a pc):

No viruses:Typical response is that no one bother writing viruses for the mac. True, but that doesn't take away the hassle of having to deal with them on windows. +1 for mac os x

Great programming environment: This is one many people aren't concerned about, but mac os x with its unix foundation is MUCH better than windows for programming.+1 for mac os x

Smooth, resource efficient graphics: If any of you have had to disable aero because it's slowing the computer down, you'll know what i'm talking about. Mac os x is much quicker and doesn't feel as cumbersome as windows.+1 for mac os x

Ease of use: Now, this is where many windows fans say "well, we're not stupid we don't need it dumbed down". So what? You deliberately make things difficult to prove you're not dumb? The fact is, the easier the better. If its simpler I don't have to spend so much time on it, meaning i can actually get things done.+1 for mac os x

Total score:
Mac os x:   4
Windows:  0

So there you go, conclusive proof that mac os x is better, you can thank me for solving the mac vs pc debate later ;). Any objections?


  1. I use both... I just hate when my Mac overheats when I use Adobe Flash

  2. its always going to be debatable, but mac is more user friendly. If your a computer enthusiast, use a PC- you can do a lot more with it provided you know what your doing.

  3. nice, that gives me something to think about

  4. I've never used a mac so i can't rate it :P

  5. I used mac .. and I'm still not making that move and replacing windows with mac... I used also linux and everything is basically the same... most of the people who argue about what system is more useful usually don't even do any work on their computers ..... I work with video, photo and music editing.. also I'm working as a web developer .. and I found windows to be most comfortable for my work... Its just my personal preference.. not that I don't like mac.. I've used it and its very nice also..

    and btw: viruses are no problem.. I have AV and problem is solved..

    (I also did some virus and trojan testing and development so I know what goes around with those things so I ain't scared of them...)

  6. Thanks for the comments guys, its great motivation :)
    coming from the programming perspective, windows is about as ugly as you can get. take it from me, i do a lot of c and c++ coding and mac is definitely > windows

    @The Blogster
    I can do a lot more when i'm not messing about with my anti-virus ;)

  7. The main thing that swings it for me is the customisation that comes with windows based systems.

  8. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  9. haha I't hard to cover all the topics of an operating system it's really personal preference at this point. I enjoyed the article mate!

  10. I disagree but I guess that's why they make two different operating systems.

  11. In reverend Cerimon there well appears Following!

  12. put it like this

    if you know what your doing with computers then a pc and mac suits you but if your a complete fool when it comes to computers get a mac as it is made just for that

  13. very informative 4-0 stands up as a landslide victory for mac

  14. Windows is the best period.

  15. eh.. i'm a windows guy myself haha